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Business Education Division

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The Business Education Division thanks you for joining and welcomes you as a member. Career and technical education needs all educators, beginning through veteran, actively involved and willing to advance our profession.

As a Division of ACTE, the Business Education Division benefits greatly from the legislative advocacy that the Association provides for all members. In these times of change, we as career and technical educators need to be active in the advocacy process. Remember that ACTE is our legislative voice and we all benefit from the results of this tireless effort by the Association.

The Business Education Division can, with your help, show leadership by taking an active role through these times of change in education. Our charge and our work with business students includes ensuring their development of the necessary skills to survive and thrive in the current and future economy.

As a member of the Business Education Division you will find that the ACTE Annual Convention is one of the highlights of the year. As a professional development event, it has much to offer. In addition to the general sessions which feature nationally known speakers our Business Education Division has a program strand that features sessions on topics of interest to our members. There are also many networking and informal gathering opportunities available at the conference.

Thank you for joining ACTE and for your membership in the Business Education Division. We are a strong division and with your efforts we can be an even greater advocate for business education. If you wish to become more involved in division activities, please let us hear from you with your thoughts, ideas and concerns.

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ACTEAz Lesson Plan Template

Multilevel template for any range of lesson plans. Includes performance tasks, assessment strategies, resources and technology and accommodations for special-needs students.

Habit 1: Build and Maintain Productive Relationships With Peers and Adults

Create trusting relations between students and teachers.
Help students learn about each other.
Develop students’ abilities to communicate effectively with their teachers.
Acquaint students with administrators, other school personnel and adults in  the community who can provide support.
Show families how they can assist with students’ academic success.
Teach and help students practice teamwork.
Help students find additional venues for practicing the six habits of success through participation in extracurricular activities.


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