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ACTE Public Policy Award

Baird-English Advocate of the Year


The Baird-English Advocate of the Year Award is presented annually by ACTE to an ACTE member who has worked to enhance career and technical education in federal policy through advocacy.

An ACTE member who has repeatedly advocated for CTE issues to federal policymakers is an eligible recipient of this award.

The nominees will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Advocacy actions the nominee has taken in the past year to advance CTE in federal policy, such as but not limited to:
    • program visits set up for Federal policymakers or staff
    • emails or letters sent to Federal policymakers or staff
    • phone calls made to Federal policymakers or staff
    • meetings with Federal policymakers or their staff (both in DC and back home)
    • letters to the editor or op-eds on CTE topics submitted to local, state or national media
  • Significant accomplishments related to CTE advocacy actions that have contributed to the improvement, promotion, development and progress of federal CTE policy.

Criteria will be reviewed by ACTE Public Policy staff for appropriateness and significance.

Application Requirements
Applicants may nominate themselves or be nominated by an ACTE member, ACTE Public Policy staff or by the ACTE Board of Directors, and Applications for this award must be submitted through the ACTE Awards Portal and include the information below (incomplete applications will not be considered):

  • Letter of Introduction summarizing the following:           
    • A brief overview of the applicant (i.e. short biography or background information)
    • Advocacy actions the nominee has taken in the past year to advance CTE in federal policy (see above criteria).
    • Significant accomplishments related to CTE advocacy actions that have contributed to the improvement, promotion, development and progress of federal CTE policy.
    • (Note: letter of introduction should not exceed 500 words in length.)
  • Supporting Documents (optional): Each application should provide proof of advocacy actions and significant accomplishments, as appropriate and available, such as:
    • Newspaper articles, news video or pictures of Members of Congress or their staff on school visits, or
    • Copies of or internet links to op-ed or letter to the editor 

Additional Information

  • The award is not limited to one recipient.
  • Award winner will be determined by the ACTE Public Policy staff following the nomination deadline.
  • The commendation will be presented at an appropriate ceremony or reception to be held in Washington, D.C. during the National Policy Seminar (NPS).
  • Award winner will receive complimentary registration to the NPS following the submission deadline.
  • All applications should be submitted on the ACTE Awards Portal by January 1.  
  • All applicants will receive notice prior to February 1 of the status of their application.
  • Winning applicants permit ACTE to use and edit content of the application for promotional activities.
For more information, please contact Sean Lynch at 703-683-9312.

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Social Media Advocacy

Sharing your thoughts with your Senators or Representative on a routine basis will keep CTE in the front of their minds. By using advocacy as a tool, we can influence Congress to continue and improve successful programs like Perkins, ESEA and the Workforce Investment Act. Social media advocacy is one of the quickest and simplest ways to spread the CTE message to your Members of Congress. You can share about the benefits of your CTE program, activities your students are involved in, or your thoughts on key policy issues. You can even post pictures to illustrate your points.


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