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Arkansas Association for Career and Technical Education

Arkansas ACTE Leadership



The Arkansas Association of Career and Technical Education's leadership consists of a board of directors and a number of committees.

Arkansas ACTE Board Members

If you are interested in running for Arkansas ACTE leadership, download the application.

 Arkansas Leadership 2
Arkansas ACTE Executive Board
 Arkansas Leadership 1
Arkansas ACTE Board of Directors
Starlinda Sanders
Arkansas Department
of Career Education 
Ross White
Alma Middle School
Past President
Dave Fisher
Arkansas Department
of Career Education
Executive Director
Harry Almond

Download this list of Arkansas ACTE past presidents.

Lesia Edwards
Arkansas Department of Career Education
Agricultural Education
Charissa Moore
Gosnell High School
Agricultural Education
Joe Washburn
Pochanotas High School
Business Education
Cheryl Wiedmaier
Arkansas Dept of Career Ed.
Business Education
Jana McWhorter
ABEA President
Engineering and Technology Education
Vic Drier
Project Lead the Way
Family and Consumer Sciences
Kim Fowler
Mountain Home High

Family and Consumer Sciences
Patricia Carroll
Harrisburg High School
Guidance and Career Development
Starlinda Sanders
Arkansas Dept. of Career Ed.

Health Science Education
Relda Steelman
National Park Community College
Marketing Education
Michelle Camp
Pulaski County Special School District
New and Related Services
Joe Rollins
Principal, Springdale School of Innovation

Special Populations
Cheryl Morrison
Hope Public Schools
Skilled and Technical Sciences
Ben Johnson
Cave City School District

Arkansas ACTE Committees

If you are interested in serving on or chairing an Arkansas ACTE committee, download the application.

Audit Review Committee
 Tracie Opolka  Chair
 Gene Bennett Administration
 Troy Buck Agricultural
 Monda Hutchison  Business Education
 Kristian Cartwright Engineering and Technology Education 
 Kim Fowler FACS
 Tanna Wierman Guidance and Career Development
 Jessica Young Health Science Education
 Deborah Harris Marketing Education
Linda Black Special Populations
 Ben Johnson Trade and Industrial Education

Bylaws Committee
(Vacant) Chair
Billie Reed Administration
Kevin Barenberg Agricultural
Joyce Thrasher  Business Education
Michael Daugherty  Engineering and Technology Education
Linda Benton FACS
Cheryl Wiedmaier Guidance and Career Development
Joey Cox Health Science Education
Jenny Craig Marketing Education
Britt James  Special Populations
Chuck Massey Trade and Industrial Education

CTE Support Fund Committee
Jim Brock  Chair
Lesia Edwards Administration
John Jones Agricultural
Sheri Smith Business Education
Vinson Carter Engineering and Technology Education 
Amanda Porter FACS
Tina Stewart Guidance and Career Development
Shelly Tankersley Health Science Education
Michelle Camp Marketing Education
Cheryl Burns Special Populations
Phillip Landers Trade and Industrial Education
Awards Committee
Cheryl Morrison Chair
Lisa Trotter Administration
Amy Dawson Agricultural
Tonya Loe Business Education
Linda Powell Engineering and Technology Education
Brenda Lumpkin FACS
Jennifer Lewis Guidance and Career Development
Pam Teague Health Science Education
Teresa Dow Marketing Education
Mary Jacobs Special Populations
Bert Chu Trade and Industrial Education

Nominating Committee
 Linda Bean  Chair
Jason Hudnell Administration
Michael Vines Agricultural
Sherry Magness Business Education
Victor Dreier Engineering and Technology Education
Janet Phillips FACS
Martha Marshall Guidance and Career Development
Relda Steelman Health Science Education
Bob Johnson Marketing Education
Gladys Godley Special Populations
Ray Winiecki Trade and Industrial Education

Resolutions Committee
Ross White Chair
David Hughes Administration
James Potter Agricultural
Shaun Hicks Business Education
Bethany Strasser Engineering and Technology Education
Lisa Stanley FACS
Shantele Raper Guidance and Career Development
Melinda Castaneda Health Science Education
Marsha Isbill Marketing Education
Brenda Early Special Populations
Mike Bowles Trade and Industrial Education

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

2015 Spring Board Meeting
2014 Fall Board Meeting
2014 Summer Board Meeting
2013 Fall Board Minutes
2012 Monday Fall Board Minutes
2012 Sunday Fall Board Minutes
June 2012 Executive Board Minutes
2011 Summer Board Minutes
2011 Spring Board Minutes
2010 Monday Fall Board Retreat Minutes
2010 Sunday Fall Board Minutes
2010 Summer Board Minutes
2010 Spring Board Minutes
2009 Fall Board Minutes
2009 Summer Board Minutes
2009 Spring Board Minutes
2008 Fall Board Minutes
2008 Summer Board Minutes
2008 Spring Board Minutes
2007 Fall Board Minutes
2007 Summer Board Minutes
2007 Spring Board Minutes
2006 Summer Board Minutes

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Arkansas CTE Program Areas

ACE recognizes eight primary program areas that encompass CTE. Under which does your program fall?

Arkansas ACTE Scholarships

The J. Marion Adams Divisional Scholarships are awarded in honor of the late J. Marion Adams. A recipient of many vocational achievement awards for outstanding service, Adams dedicated his life to the education of others.


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