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Business Education Division

Policy Commission for Business and Economic Education



The Policies Commission for Business and Economic Education (PCBEE) is a national commission consisting of representatives from the Association for Career and Technical Education/Business Education Division (ACTE/BE), Association for Research in Business Education-Delta Pi Epsilon (ARBE-DPE), National Association for Business Teacher Education (NABTE), and the National Business Education Association (NBEA). Its mission is to identify and define both existing and emerging issues in business and economic education, often resulting in the publication of "This We Believe About . . ." statements or position papers. Through this effort, it assists business, governmental, and educational communities in understanding such issues and in focusing attention on them. The past 100 policy statements are available at this link: Past 100 Statements. For information regarding earlier statements, contact the PCBEE Executive Director, Mary Ann Lammers.


Eight members serve on the Commission, each for a term of three years. Each year four members retire from the Commission. The Chair-Elect of the Commission, selected from among the four new Commission members each year, remains one additional year to serve as Past-Chair. The four sponsoring organizations annually appoint one new member each year to replace its retiring member.


The Commission has nine ex-officio members. They include the presidents, past-presidents, and/or vice-presidents of the four sponsoring organizations (ACTE/BE, ARBE–DPE, NABTE, and NBEA), and the executive directors of NBEA and PCBEE.



          TERM BEGAN  

           TERM ENDS
Marie Coleman
Sam Houston High School
Lake Charles, LA
Region IV

   July 1, 2015   2018
Kathleen McCune
North Platte Community College
North Platte, NE
Region V

   July 1, 2016   2019


As one of the sponsors of the Policies Commission for Business and Economic Education (PCBEE), ACTE/BE shall comply with the following rules prescribed in the Organizational and Operational Procedures of PCBEE:


  1. The ACTE/BE President shall allot an amount designated annually by the Commission for use in PCBEE operations.
  2. The ACTE/BE President shall appoint two members to serve three-year terms, beginning July 1, as voting members on the Commission. Voting members who have served a full term may not be reappointed to a succeeding term. Vacancies created by resignations or incapacitation shall be filled for the unexpired term by the ACTE/BE President. The Commission shall request ACTE/BE to replace any member who fails to attend a meeting of PCBEE except for personal emergencies or who does not fulfill the assigned duties.
  3. The current and immediate past ACTE/BE Presidents shall be ex-officio, non-voting, members of PCBEE.

Affiliate Representation. The ACTE/BE Policy Committee shall ensure a balanced representation of ACTE/BE affiliate members on PCBEE.
--ACTE/BED Policy and Procedures Manual, 2014; amended 2016


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Business Education

Business Education Division Awards

There are many students who are involved with career and technical education student organizations and are excellent candidates for national recognition. However, it takes someone to recognize this and to nominate these students. If you are a current member of the Business Education Division of ACTE, you may nominate a student for the Student Organization Awards or a colleague for the Outstanding Service Award or the Award of Merit. Your current ACTE membership number must be on the nomination form and will be verified.

Business Education Division

The Business Education Division of ACTE is a diverse, broad-based group dedicated to educating today's students for tomorrow's business community. The skills taught in business education programs include:

  • communications
  • information systems/technology
  • financial procedures
  • economics
  • entrepreneurship
  • international business
  • principles of management and law
  • interpersonal and leadership skills
  • career development  


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